Pioneer in App Based Property Tax Collection System For Urban Local Bodies in West Bengal

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    We use modern technologies and non-proprietory softwares and tools in our customised softwares to give our client a hassel free experience without any added overhead.

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    We are client centric. Our main focus is the basic need of our client and to give them a hassel free experience while using the customised software and give them something more. Develop the application in such a manner that it can be used in multy dimension.

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    When something prepares by hardcore professionals, when the work is the developers passion, it gives something more to it's user. Team CRS is a group of such developers and designers who pampers their developed application with love and affection with a blend of passion.

App Based Collection - eKar

Makes revenue collection hassel free with State of the Art App for on-line real-time revenue collection with centralised monitoring and MIS report generation system.


Perfect !!! If you want to collect the revenues / charges that is recevied by your organisation remotely and stored in a centralised system for better management, this App is the perfect choice.

Other Services

We provide all sorts of Softwares/Applications for Corporations/Municipalities/Panchayets/Co-Operative Bank etc. To name a few - Payroll Softwares with biometric data analysis, Store Management, Water Usage charge collection, Online Site Plan - Building Plan Sanctioning System, Online - Offline File Tracking System etc.

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User's feeling about our Unique Mobile Based Collection App - eKar

...... . All our certificates and money receipts generating through App is protected with encrypted QRCode. All our 18000(+) house hold owners are getting the service of this software.
As per our opinion this software will help the Municipalities like us a lot by saving manpower, data accuracy, and the easy to use features that the software has. .......

Chairpeson, New Barrackpore Municipality